Supercharged Marketing with Validation and Attribution.

Unlock the power of precision with our Mobile HLR and Email Validation services, paired with groundbreaking Real-Time Attribution for Facebook advertising. Streamline your communications and maximize marketing ROI, all in one place

Conversion Hero's validation services have been a game-changer for our business. We've hooked up their email and mobile validation to our landing pages, which has eliminated wasteful outreach for the clients that we supply leads to for recruitment.

Sam Fletcher
Antony Stagg

The real-time ROI reporting from Conversion Hero has transformed our Facebook ad strategy. Being able to instantly see which ads perform best has dramatically increased our marketing efficiency and ROI.

Steve Wilson
Steven Wilson
Money Media Group


Validation API for Mobile and Email

We provide Mobile HLR Validation and Email Validation services to enhance communication efficiency and maintain quality contact data. Our HLR Validation confirms mobile numbers' status, improving message delivery. Our Email Validation ensures email addresses are legitimate and deliverable.

Mobile HLR Validation
HLR (Home Location Register) mobile validation is a powerful tool used to verify the current status and authenticity of mobile phone numbers. This service checks in real-time with the mobile network's database to confirm whether a phone number is active, has been ported, or is currently roaming.

By utilizing HLR validation, businesses can significantly reduce wasted resources on undeliverable messages, improve the accuracy of their contact lists, and enhance the efficiency of their communication campaigns. It's essential for anyone looking to maintain high-quality data and ensure effective outreach to their customer base.
Email Validation
Email validation services are essential tools for verifying the legitimacy and deliverability of email addresses. These services check email addresses in real-time against a range of criteria, including syntax correctness, domain existence, and whether the address is linked to a live mailbox.

By utilizing email validation, businesses and individuals can significantly decrease bounce rates, avoid spam traps, and enhance the overall effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. This is crucial for maintaining a clean email list, improving sender reputation, and ensuring that communications reach their intended recipients efficiently.

Coming soon...

Maximize Your Marketing ROI with Real-Time Attribution

Our innovative app designed to revolutionize the way you approach Facebook advertising is in the final stages of development. This game-changing solution, offering real-time attribution of ad cost data and live revenue/conversion tracking, is set to launch soon.

Comprehensive Campaign Syncing

Effortlessly connect and synchronize your ad campaign data from Facebook at the campaign, ad set, and ad level. Our seamless integration ensures your marketing data is always up-to-date, enabling precise tracking and analysis without missing a beat.

Live Revenue Tracking & Attribution

With our advanced webhook technology, send us your live revenue and conversion data to have it attributed back to specific ad campaigns in real-time. This immediate insight into your campaign performance allows for rapid adjustments, ensuring your marketing budget is always allocated to the highest-performing ads.

Dynamic ROI Reporting

Step into the future of marketing with our real-time ROI reporting. No more waiting for delayed attribution models to make crucial decisions. Our platform provides instant visibility into the effectiveness of your ad spend, empowering you with the information needed to enhance your marketing strategy on the fly.

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